Are you ready for a killer good time? Dive into a game of simplicity and strategy, where laughter and murder go hand in hand. Kill or Be Killed is a matching game that pits your wits against friends in a hilarious battle for survival. Will you be the killer, or is your untimely end lurking just around the corner?

Introducing a game where every move could be your last. In Kill or Be Killed, players draw cards featuring uproariously funny traits playing them against others or even themselves. The descriptive minimalist artwork adds a touch of sophistication to all the devious dealings at the table.

Be ready for a game filled with twists, turns, and very expected betrayals! Hold cards close to your chest or place cards on the table for all to see. The goal? Eliminate players by creating a match between the cards in front of your opponents (their Victim) and those concealed in your hand (your Victimology). Rack up eliminations, gain three to win the game and step into infamy by becoming a Serial Killer.

  • Sly Strategies: Simple to learn, yet diabolically strategic. Every card laid is a step towards triumph or tragedy.
  • Laugh-Out-Loud Traits: Discover a deck filled with traits that will have you and your friends in stitches. From quirky quirks to downright absurd, it’s a comedy of errors waiting to unfold.
  • Cartoon Noir Aesthetics: The abstract minimalistic cartoonist imagery sets the stage for a murder mystery that’s more clueless than Clue and more strategic than Stratego but as simple as Go Fish.
  • Quick and Quirky: Rounds that move at a killer pace, ensuring no one’s left twiddling their thumbs. Fast, fun, and fantastically fatal!



From tabletop fanatics to casual gamers Kill or Be Killed promises an killer experience filled with laughter, betrayal, and the sweet taste of victory.

Rev up your creeper van and sharpen your comedic instincts, as you embark on a journey where the only rule is: have a killer time!

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